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Navigate A2 Elementary. Coursebook with DVD and online skills

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ISBN: 978-0-19-456636-0
Produktreihe: Oxford Navigate
Kategorie: Schulbücher
Fach: Englisch

Your direct route to English success

A brand new adult course based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages and extensive classroom research.

  • Innovative skills strand takes a bottom-up decoding approach to listening and reading.
  • Equal weight given to grammar and vocabulary learning with clear on-the-page practice.
  • Vocabulary based on the Oxford 3000 and levelled against the CEFR, giving learners the relevant language they need to communicate in the world today.
  • Clear aims and outcomes linked to the CEFR throughout the course.
  • Learners are immersed in themes and issues from around the world through content-rich, authentic texts that are really relevant to adult learners.
  • Focus on vocabulary systems and vocabulary-building techniques.
  • Real world video content provides integrated listening practice - video lesson in every unit plus vox pops throughout the course.
  • Speaking practice throughout each lesson to help learners become more confident at using new language in the real world.

For teachers:

The Teacher's Guide
  • Extensive lesson notes with additional pedagogical support offering tips on areas such as differentiation, critical thinking and smart communication
  • Get to grips with the course methodology with articles from our expert course consultants and advisers
  • Photocopiables for extra grammar, vocabulary and communication practice in each unit - plus vox pop video worksheets

More support for teachers:
  • Watch a 60- second overview of each lesson from Series Adviser Catherine Walter to quickly prepare you for that day's lesson.
  • Keep your learners on track with editable unit, progress and exit tests on the Teacher's Support and Resource Disc
  • Bring your classroom to life with Navigate iTools
  • Extra resources and support on the Teacher's website help to make lesson planning easier



  1. Cover (allgemein)
    Navigate A2 Elementary. Teacher's Guide and Teacher's Resource Pack with Teacher's Support and Resource Disc and Photocopiable Materials
Verlag Oxford University Press
Geeignet für Gymnasium, Berufsbildende Mittlere/Höhere Schule, Erwachsenenbildung